Multi-Color Silk Yarn:

At the request of users, in recent weeks thought has been given to whether versatile colored yarn could also be dyed. After deliberation, especially on a technical level, I developed a method with my systems in which multiple colors can actually be dyed in one batch. Today two paint patterns have been devised and put into use. These run according to these schemes as suggested below. (scrolling) This involves a parallel and serial pattern run. These two patterns, in combination with the choice of colors, make it possible to develop a collection over time, which will therefore be part of the availability. Actually, it was through a comment by one of the members of the fb group weaving that got the idea started. "Did I also know that my spindle dye bath machine was designed to produce multi-color threads?" And yes, it turned out to be no different. Until then I hadn't thought about it myself due to the lack of time due to the many uni-dyeing, but in the end the techie in me took the upper hand and wanted to work this out. So today I will start with the further development of a collection. A first color scheme is already visible and available in the shop today. This in the serial version as well as in the parallel version. The result is astonishingly beautiful, completely in line with expectations.

SERIAL (left) and PARALLEL (right) transition:



The sales price is slightly higher than normal - but there is also always up to a hundred meters of extra yarn on the cone which is not included in the price calculation, which is a nice bonus. (1150 m) I do this mainly because I know that with a desired length for a weaving piece, there is always a loss ...

Also in connection with the patterns in relation to the spindle, imagine that each corner (end) of the spindle is a color line (four) as below in the respective diagrams. The spaces in between are always the distance from one corner to the other.

This pattern has a gradual color gradient. > SERIAL

With this pattern there is no color gradient, in other words each revolution (101 cm) counts all the colors repeatedly in the same way throughout the entire length. > PARALLELL

I hope all of this sheds some light on how multicolor yarns can be made. You can already order this silk yarn in the shop - by clicking here as well.

Any tips and suggestions or comments are very welcome via comment on this blog.

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