Our web shop with a range of hand weaving yarns bears the name Trident.


To me personally, the choice of this name is obvious.

In earlier era, the Dutch Frisian eel fishery used barbed tridents. These came in different designs depending on the time frame in which they were developed.

Likewise, there is the "TRIDENT" version, dating from the early 20th century.

In Holland these models were called "ELGERS." 
These days, eel fishing with such spikes is prohibited because of the rather gruesome nature of spit fishing.
So the name TRIDENT is synonymous with my family name.

With this webshop we focus on providing added value for another ancient craft, namely HANDWEAVING. Just like the barbs before, the aim is to insuring that the effort is not simply lost. This by offering quality yarns.

Today however, we no longer want to speak of an "ancient craft".

These days handweaving has an re-creational character and is regarded as a contemporary art craft for young and old. This can no longer be compared with the reputation acquired during the pre-industrial revolution. Recreativity has prevailed over the necessities of the past, which is not to say that the practice of this contemporary art form can't still be stressful for body and soul.

That is why it is permissible to state that the physical and mental effort may also pay off afterwards. The practice of handweaving has a tangible outcome - it results in a product! This product is better a quality product. Quality not only through the application of competencies with a validated value, but incidentally and therefore no less important, - quality through the use of qualitative raw materials, - the added and tangible commercial value par excellence. Why not?

So by offering, and by making available exquisite, affordable and high-quality yarns, paving the path to commercial handweaving is no more than a win win situation.

People wanting to propagate the competence of hand weaving is essential.

To this end, people are invited to help sketch this framework. At this time I am referring to the blog associated with this web store and I invite people to form a community about this to exchange ideas.